While Marcel Hirscher has retired from World Cup racing, he certainly has not retired from skiing. His enthusiasm for the white stuff is still the same, but his approach is much more relaxed these days. He now spends most winter days exploring the backcountry, and ski touring in the mountains close to his home is especially high on his agenda. It’s the ideal place to stock up on magic moments and to get inspired for some new touring skis – what else would you expect from a tinkerer like Marcel? Following countless hours of skinning up and laying down beautiful lines on the way down, we’re stoked about what Marcel has come up with: a super light, super versatile touring ski powered with Carbon fiber that will find adventure in any terrain and snow – up and down. So whatever your mission may be in the backcountry, we’ve got you covered.

The VAN DEER-Red Bull Sports way

Our skis are handmade in Austria, from superior materials sourced right
at our doorstep. They are developed, built, tested, and tuned with the
same know-how, meticulousness and obsessive drive for perfection that
helped Marcel Hirscher become who he is today: the greatest alpine skier
of our time.