General Terms and Conditions of Participation (SKITEST)

These General Terms and Conditions of Participation apply to ski test events ("Ski Test") in the period from 01.10.2024 to 30.04.2025. By participating in the ski test, the participant (the "participant" or "you") accepts these general terms and conditions of participation (the "Conditions") in full. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before taking part in the ski test. If you do not agree to the conditions, you will not be able to take part in the ski test.

The ski test is carried out by VAN DEER – Red Bull Sports Equipment GmbH, Mittersiller Bundesstraße 42, 5724 Stuhlfelden, Austria (the "Promoter").

1. The information provided by the participant in the respective test or registration form must be accurate and complete. In particular, the information on skiing ability, weight, height, age and boot size must be correct. You agree that the binding adjustment of the skis provided to you for the ski test ("Test Skis") will be calculated on the basis of the information provided by you (ÖNORM:ISO 11088:2012) and performed visually in the settings window. They are aware that incorrect information can lead to incorrect binding adjustment on the test skis and that this is associated with an increased risk of accidents and injuries. They undertake not to make any adjustments to the binding of the test skis.

2. The ski test is for people aged 18 and over.

3. Before accepting the test skis, the participant must provide an official photo ID (identity card, driver's license, etc.) or other security as security, which will be returned to him/her after the test skis have been duly returned. The organizer will provide a copy of the official photo ID including a photo of the participant to identify the participant during the ski test.

4. The test skis will be handed over to the participant for testing purposes. The rented test skis are used at your own risk. The participant must adapt his/her skiing behaviour to his/her ability, take into account all other ski slope users and avoid dangers. The participant will not ski in a tired state or under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs. In addition, the participant will observe the warnings in the respective ski area and familiarize themselves with the corresponding ski slope conditions and possible obstacles. The participant confirms that he/she is in suitable physical and mental condition and has the necessary skills to participate in the event. Nevertheless, the participant is aware that his/her participation is associated with certain risks. Therefore, the participant confirms that the organizer or its affiliated companies cannot be held liable if he/she should suffer an injury. The participant has valid liability insurance as well as personal accident insurance that covers participation. If he/she causes damage to someone or damages the property of third parties, he/she takes responsibility and will ensure that the organizer or affiliated companies are not harmed in this context.

5. The participant confirms that he/she has received the test skis, including the bindings, in undamaged, proper and usable condition. The participant undertakes to handle the skis with care and to pay for any damage or loss. The skis can only be used within the area designated for the event. The participant will not use the skis on sandy, rocky, concrete or similar ground under any circumstances.

6. The participant has been informed about the use of the binding of the test skis. Ski bindings reduce the risk of injury, but they cannot completely eliminate it. The participant knows that no bond will be released with complete certainty in all foreseeable situations. He/she is also aware that the braking effect of the integrated ski brake is not sufficient when skiing in deep snow.

7. If the test skis or the binding of the test skis do not work properly during use, the participant must return the test skis immediately.

8. The participant must return the test skis immediately upon request. Otherwise, the participant undertakes to return the test skis no later than the return time specified in the test form.

9. The participant may not pass on the test skis to third parties. If the participant passes on the test skis to a third party, he/she is liable for all damages – even accidental ones – that would not have occurred if the rental person had kept the test skis.

10. For Alpine test skis:

10.1 The participant confirms that the values set in the binding system of the test skis correspond to the Z-value specified by him/her.
10.2 Binding settings above the value Z-12 are not up to standard and will therefore only be discontinued upon explicit written request of the participant and at his/her own risk.

11. For touring test skis

The participant is aware that the test products do not meet the requirements of the ISO 9462 (Alpine) standard.

12. Liability

The participant is aware that skiing is dangerous and can result in INJURY and DEATH.

The participant voluntarily agrees to expressly accept all risks of death and injury that may arise from practicing this type of sport or in any way from his/her participation in a ski test.




In addition, the participant undertakes to follow the instructions of the organizer during the ski test.

The participant confirms that he/she has valid and sufficient health and accident insurance. It is also recommended that the participant has insurance including personal guarantee (including medical expenses, disability pension or lump sum, repatriation, hospital, etc.), repatriation, if necessary, and third-party liability.

14. Data protection

By participating in the ski test, you agree that all personal data, such as name, address, height, weight, copy of ID, photo, copy of the participant's signature, etc., provided in connection with the ski test, will be processed by the organizer. Personal data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of managing the ski test and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Subject to your consent, the Promoter may also use your personal data to send you promotional information and offers via email, SMS or other digital messages. If personal data is disclosed to third parties outside the EEA, the Promoter ensures adequate protection of the data in accordance with the mandatory applicable legal requirements.

For more information on how the organiser processes your personal data and what rights you have as a data subject, please see our privacy policy.

15. Miscellaneous

Except to the extent prohibited by applicable mandatory law, these Terms shall be governed by the laws of Austria.