The FREERIDE 108 is a fat freeride ski for big mountain skiers ready to drop big lines in any terrain. At 108 mm underfoot it’s the widest and one of the most exciting skis Marcel Hirscher has developed: easy to control, light in the air, stable at speeds, and extremely floaty in powder – this is your buddy for ripping the entire mountain top to bottom. It delivers awesome floatation for surfing and smearing turns in the deepest of snow, allows you to charge through chop, and is very maneuverable, responsive, and capable of handling harder snow too. It features a surfy tip & tail rocker and is constructed according to the same ‘winning line’ recipe as the rest of our range, including: a poplar wood core reinforced by double Titanal and Carbon layers, full ABS sidewalls, race edges, a P-Tex race base, plus some undisclosed ingredients. And since Marcel wouldn’t approve anything less than perfect, this fatty comes with a genuine Race Room finish, too. Ready for the next dump?


SPX 12 GW:
Compatible with all traditional Alpine ISO 5355 A and GripWalk® ISO 23223 A boot soles.

SPX 10 GW:
Compatible with all traditional Alpine ISO 5355 A and GripWalk® ISO 23223 A boot soles.

SPX 15:
Compatible with all traditional Alpine ISO 5355 A boots.

Compatible with all traditional Alpine ISO 5355 A and GripWalk® ISO 23223 A boot soles.

PX 18:
Compatible with all traditional ISO 5355 A boots.

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Art. No. V23FR1914.172.01
Product Sidecut (mm) Radius (m) Weight (g)
FREERIDE 108 172cmArt. No. V23FR1914.172.01 148 - 108 - 130 17 1700
FREERIDE 108 180cmArt. No. V23FR1909.180.01 148 - 108 - 130 18 1900
FREERIDE 108 188cmArt. No. V23FR1915.188.01 148 - 108 - 130 19 2100

The weight can vary slightly due to different production cycle.
Weight per Ski.


In everything we do we are ready to go the extra mile: We choose small, individual series rather than large-scale production. We prefer top-quality locally sourced Austrian raw materials over less expensive imported components. We leave our skis in the press longer because we know the bonding will be better. And we make sure that every single ski that leaves our factory gets a genuine Race Room finish according to Marcel Hirscher’s very own World Cup standards.


Every model is made for a specific playground. And each ski (as well as each ski length!) comes with a unique profile, shape, sidecut, and turn radius optimized for your preferred terrain and way of skiing. Precisely defined so you can ski your best – wherever your skiing takes you.


All skis are crafted with the highest quality Austrian-sourced materials and components. Featuring our special torsion box sandwich construction, each model is constructed in a unique way – built to perfection and built to last.


Our skis are handmade in Austria, from superior materials sourced right at our doorstep. They are developed, built, tested, and tuned with the same know-how, meticulousness and obsessive drive for perfection that helped Marcel Hirscher become who he is today: the greatest alpine skier of our time.